Fringe Day 2: “Yelling at Bananas in Whole Foods”

Yelling at bananas i

With Fringe in full swing, I’ve been hit with a barrage of information about new and exciting shows! In Downtown Minneapolis, costumed performers have been hurriedly spreading the word about their upcoming performances in the minutes between events. If you come across Dan Bernitt advertising his Yelling at Bananas in Whole Foods , now playing at the New Century Theater  (615 Hennepin Ave), you’ll be sure to recognize him from the picture above. In it, the writer-performer is portraying  information overload frenzy, but not the Fringe Festival variety.


Instead, this solo show delves into the massive amount of information, and misinformation, about the food we eat. The internet, television infomercials, and film documentaries abound with facts about plastics, pesticides, and global disasters both natural and manmade. This is a story of a somewhat credulous individual who, as he becomes increasingly disciplined about the food he consumes, becomes a less critical consumer of information. Dan Bernitt manages to make food politics and oil spills funny, which is clearly no mean task. The show is serious and poignantly entertaining all at once, making me forget at times that this piece is a work in progress, and that he is reading his script from a music stand.  Keep checking back with Aisle Say Twin Cities, your trusted source for Fringe Fest news!

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