Fringe Day 4: “No Stopping, No Warping, No Dying”

Chicago-based 1UP Productions’ contribution to this year’s Fringe Festival is called No Stopping, No Warping, No Dying – a title which stoppingwarpingreferences one of the main characters’ philosophy in both life and video gaming. “No Stopping” takes place atop a giant Nintendo (that’s the original NES, mind you) and is played out by two actors playing “Player 1” (Charles Askenaizer) and “Player 2” (Gannon Reedy). The play is the mostly-comic, often-thoughtful, sometimes-heartbreaking story of two boys who bond over a game of Super Mario Bros in the 80s, and remain friends for life. The actors fumbled over a couple of lines and were a little over-earnest at times, but overall do a good job of delivering Ed Krystosek‘s insightful script. What makes this play particularly worth seeing is that it is about friendship. About friendship between two straight dudes, more importantly, which is something that isn’t given the spotlight very often. It’s a fascinating glimpse into this world, and I suggest you take a peek while you have the chance. Warning: this show contains a high content of geeky jokes, 80s jokes, and 8-bit music… 

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