Slender Vale

By Sarah Schultz The creators of Geminae and The Last Bombardment are bringing spooky stories to the 2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival in an innovative format. Veering away from the popular standard of improv comedy, this talented collective is terrifying and delighting audiences with “improvised terror.” Through skillful narration, sound design, and long form improv, the…

Erotica for Houseplants

Returning Minnesota Fringe Festival fan-favorite creator/performer, Tom Reed, is back with a brand new one-man show: Erotica for Houseplants. Playing at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, Erotica for Houseplants is a glorious hybridization of a love letter to home gardening, a cabaret of botanical love-song covers, and a series of erotic stories by (and for) houseplants that are steamier than a tropical arboretum.