Slender Vale

By Sarah Schultz

The creators of Geminae and The Last Bombardment are bringing spooky stories to the 2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival in an innovative format. Veering away from the popular standard of improv comedy, this talented collective is terrifying and delighting audiences with “improvised terror.” Through skillful narration, sound design, and long form improv, the Mixed Blood stage becomes the “haunted, cursed, infested little northern Minnesota town” called Slender Vale. The performers work well together, presenting a wide variety of characters. Although the show is billed as an “improvised terror,” there were many comedic moments leading up to the story’s chilling conclusion. The Slender Vale team found the right balance of horror and whimsy. Their tale evoked goosebumps, but not a cold sweat. It was scintillating without being sickening- making it an enjoyable theater experience for everyone from horror junkies to self proclaimed scaredy cats. Brush against the slender veil between this world and the next with Slender Vale: An Improvised Terror by Oncoming Productions.

The next performance is August 13th at 10:00pm at Mixed Blood Theater, 1501 S 4th St Minneapolis. Tickets are available at the door or at


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